Now You Can Live the James Bond Lifestyle

What? Are you mad? You want to dodge bullets in Afghanistan, narrowly escape drowning in a shark tank in the Caribbean, or negotiate with an overweight megalomaniac gold fetishist while strapped to a laser torture apparatus? If so, I can’t help you. But if you want to go to exotic locations, meet interesting and beautiful people, and live the more glamorous aspects of the James Bond lifestyle, then keep reading.

If there’s one thing about James Bond that is undeniable, it is his impeccable sense of dress. For a man performing some very dirty business he always makes sure to look his best. He is, after all, a representative of the Queen. So in your quest to live the James Bond life style, you must always look good (actually, not always-you don’t have to sleep in a tuxedo). Wear clothes that fit you: both your body and your personality. And get fit as well. Channel that James Bond grit and lift some weights.

But looking good is only one part of James Bond’s aura. He knows how to get anything he wants out of anybody. It helps that he has teams of writers scripting his lines for him. For you though, that means you need to learn the dynamics of social interaction. Look a person in the eye, smile cordially (or goofily if your favorite Bond is Roger Moore) and take chances, starting conversations under all kinds of situations. Once you’ve gotten used to that, you can focus on the skills of seduction and get your own Bond girl. Just watch out for femme fatales, though I hear they can be loads of fun.

If you’ve worked on your looks and your social skills then you’ve got one final part to take care of. You must set yourself up to live a life of travel. Whether through freelance writing, the creation of your own physical or informational product, or by working abroad, if you earn your money in dollars and travel in countries with a weaker currency you can actually increase your standard of living! The best places for this are Southeast Asia and South America, where there’s no shortage of leisure and adventure.

Those three broad components form the core of the James Bond lifestyle. The details, though, will require great amounts of work on your part. Luckily you won’t have to join the military and work your way to the CIA, but forming a new life style takes patience and effort. Even so, you’ll probably be sipping a martini in Monte Carlo some day, glad that you took control of your life. Well, maybe not a martini, and maybe not in Monte Carlo, but you’ll still be glad.

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