Factory Ledger and General Ledger

It is often practical for a manufacturing concern to include a factory ledger in its accounting system. Generally, this procedure is followed when manufacturing operations are far-flung from the main office, or when the nature of such operations requires a large number of accounts. Some accounts relating to manufacturing are […]

How Essential Is Gold In Our Society

Gold has always had decorative value as jewellery and as currency. In addition to that gold has a certain mystery that makes it appealing. N the financial world people never want to use the word “mystery” or even agree that mystery surrounding something is appealing. However, gold has mystery in […]

Benefit of Outsource Payroll Services

Normally, business companies outsourcing their payroll function to decrease working cost and improve productivity. Businesses can focus on core business activities with more time on hand. Why outsourcing the Payroll processing services? When you just start your business, everything looks like very simple. You focus only on the core business […]