Double Life of a US Army General: Watchword Is Sex

Sex is a driving force and as per the theories of Hegel and Kant the driving force in a man’s life. The philosophers also identified power as another driving force but added a rider that sex flowed from power. Sex and power is a heady cocktail and many succumb to it. It requires great acumen to balance the two and many fails at the altar of life.

A case of General David Haight has just emerged and if one goes through the sordid details, it looks more and more like hamlets tale where all including the US army are losers. First, who is General Douglas Haight? He is the senior officer at EURCOM in Europe and responsible for operations in Iraq and Syria. It is an important appointment and very sensitive as well, as it encompasses operations of a secret nature. The general was a one-star general which in India is known as Major General and the US army classifies the appointment as Brigadier General.

Checkered Career

General Haight had a checkered career in the armed forces and had an excellent record. He had served in the Rangers and Special Forces and had seen action in Afghanistan and Iraq. The entire tale unfolded when the general was posted in Iraq almost 11 years back.

The general was thought of highly by his superiors and there was every chance that he would be promoted to a two or three or even a 4-star general. The general also held a most sensitive appointment in EUROCOM which is essentially part of the US military think tank to face Russia, of whom the West and Russia are mortally scared. At that time he was a Lt Colonel.

Love and sex

Haight at that time entered into an email club with opposite sex and one email attracted his attention. He followed up and met a lady named Jennifer Armstrong (aged 38 at that time). Both hit it off at the meeting and went into a relationship. Jennifer was a government servant and she also fell the whole hog for the general. The general went into this relationship though he was married and had 4 children. He promised the lady that he would live with her after he retired from the army.

The general started a relationship with Jennifer and it was one long passionate affair. He would use his official phone to talk to her and would also send her emails from his official computer thus compromising security

The Russian intelligence which follows the emails and mobile conversations of senior American generals could not have been unaware of the acts of the general.

While on a visit to the USA, the general and Jennifer decided that their sex relationship needed a fillip and so they began to enroll in sex swap clubs and one-night stand in clubs. Here the duo picked up partners of both sexes and had swingers parties at home as they shared sex partners. It was a sordid affair, but the general and his girlfriend thought they were discreet and nobody would know. THEY CONTINUED THEIR ESCAPADES AND ONCE WHEN HE WAS AT THE WAR COLLEGE IN BALTIMORE THEY ATTENDED SWAP PARTIES AT a club located close to the War College. The general was almost recognized at many places and some anonymous letters were sent to the army headquarters and the Pentagon. The army took cognizance of these letters and started an internal inquiry that was headed by the Inspector General. The investigation revealed the affair of Haight with Jennifer. It also brought out the swinger and swap parties and the Pentagon realized that General David Haight was a security risk. for his actions. But matters could not be allowed to rest as a serious breach of security had taken place and the Army brought

for his actions. But matters could not be allowed to rest as a serious breach of security had taken place and the Army brought in a section of the act that talk of “Acts prejudicial to good order and discipline”. They were not sure that David Haight may not have been blackmailed. In any case, it was a serious offense by a serving general in a senior appointment and there was no choice but to remove Haight from command.


Haight was removed from EUROCOM command in May 2016, but the transfer was not publicized. He was sent back to the USA and a board of inquiry constituted to take action against him. The general was reprimanded and was told his army career was over. Thus a man who could have been a two or 3-star general spoiled his copybook with a sexual liaison. The power of sex can be terrible. The army is now shaken.

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