Using .STORE to launch your online store

Tanya J. Montague
How to Create an Online Store: A Step-by-Step Guide

The selection of a strong domain name is one of the initial steps in establishing your business for success. Additionally, it appears that finding the perfect domain name is becoming more challenging than usual for new businesses due to the massive expansion of the eCommerce sector. 

What if your online store’s domain name didn’t need to include a bewildering array of filler words, hyphens, and numbers? Imagine having unlimited options for domain names for your internet company. What if each internet retailer had a different domain extension? 

You’re in luck because the domain extension .STORE is available. It is specifically designed for online store owners to publicise their opening! 

This article will explain why in more detail .STORE is fantastic for your e-commerce firm, which is why you need to register a domain with it.  

1. A shorter domain name, with .STORE, is easily accessible

Choosing a more contemporary domain extension,, has the advantage that your first choice is almost always available. As a result, extension is significantly more likely to have short domain names than extension. 

You won’t need to bolster a domain name with more letters, digits, or strings of characters if it is more widely available. Additionally, it’s not just about making your life easier. It also has to do with the inclination of search engines like Google for shorter domain names. If Google’s all-knowing algorithm came across two identical websites, it probably would choose the shorter domain name for a higher search rating. 

2. You can use to acquire an easy-to-remember domain name. STORE

In line with the first point outlined above, the likelihood that a domain name will stick in someone’s mind grows with length. This is mostly because short domain names are typically easier to type, read, and pronounce. It suggests that our brains have a built-in propensity to remember them. And we are all aware of the importance of the phrase “top of mind” in terms of consumer analytics. 

Customers are more inclined to interact with, return to, and do business with a company they remember more fondly. 

3. A .STORE will provide you with a very relevant domain name

It is essential to pick a domain name that appropriately sums up your business and brand and is important to you. It’s equally important, though, that your domain name rings a bell with potential customers. In fact, some domain names do that. 

Because your domain name already contains the term “store,” any potential visitor can be sure they are visiting an eCommerce website. It might not seem like much at first, but it has a big impact on them. Additionally, it enhances public perception of your business as a whole. 

4. You’ll obtain a voice-optimized domain name with .STORE

As more devices contain personal assistants, the way we seek information is gradually changing. One of the biggest advancements we’re seeing right now is voice search. Voice search, despite its complexity, prefers “proper” spellings and uses all available phrases. Voice search also treats the entire phrase as a keyword. 

Therefore, if a user searched for cool stationery stores on Google, would have very little chance of ranking in contrast to coolstationery .STORE.

Conclusion I’m assuming you now understand the reasoning. A website for online commerce must have a STORE. Please leave your questions in the comments area below if you have any. 

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