How I Created Independence & Flourished in a Digital World

What did you want to be when you grew up? 

Inside all of us is a calling and a gift. But many of us never realize our passionate purpose or find true meaning in our lives. Why is that? 

When I was ten years old, becoming a doctor seemed like a great idea. 

After all, my next-door neighbour was a doctor, and he had a fancy house and a car. Very appealing to my ten-year-old self. Unfortunately, I would later discover that I hated the sight of blood. So I crossed that career pathway firmly off my list. 

But it was a conversation with my teacher in Grade 5 that I remember was a quiet hint and a promise that didn’t reveal itself until almost four decades later. 

She said, “Jeff, you’re a good writer. I love your stories, and you should write more.” 

To a ten-year-old, who had only discovered writing and reading a few years before, I didn’t know what to do with that statement. Would my stories allow me to one day buy a fancy house and car like the doctor next door could? As a child, I was too unaware to ask. 

So I continued with my schooling, remembering her words but failing to put them into action…