Enzyme Deficiency Eliminated Through Hippocrates Health Lifestyle

The union of a sperm and an egg is the enzyme-activity that begins human life. The vehicle of enzymes is a protein, but their essence is “electric.” Hundreds of thousands of successful health recoveries that have followed the Hippocrates Health Lifestyle are due in great part to the consumption of living foods that contain large amounts of enzymes. In fact, the only natural source of enzymes is raw vegetarian food.

There is a popular belief that many foods are raw when they are eaten; but, in fact, many “foods” – such as sushi – do not contain the enzymatic electrical charge that was part of the fish when it was alive. The best enzyme-rich food is sprouts, which are, literally, growing as you bite into them. Fresh fruits and vegetable, sea-algae and fresh-water algae – which should be eaten as close to harvest as possible – are the second-best choices.

The work of such experts as Dr. Howell – author of Enzyme Nutrition and father of the (nutritional) enzyme-consumption movement – proves that the enhanced electrical charge of these essential elements elevates cellular frequencies, creating greater immune logical strength. And, of course, this enhanced cellular frequency helps to neutralize existing disorders. During the last several years, many studies have indicated that elevated enzyme-counts assist in combating cancer.

For several decades, those fortunate enough individuals to follow the Hippocrates Health Lifestyle have observe and experienced the reversal of disease due in significant part to the great energy that enzymes provide for a diseased body. Practically considered, enzymes are positive charges that contribute to the eradication of negative or counter-productive life-forms.

Via the hundreds of dark-field microscope evaluations that are conducted on every person that begins the lifestyle at the Hippocrates Health Institute there has consistently been observed comprehensive electric enhancement after the implementation of an enzyme-rich diet throughout a given period of time.

At the University of Southern California, Dr. Hunt conducted extremely interesting studies involving both those who consumed food that lacked enzymes and those who consumed food that was rich in enzymes. The electromagnetic field of the bodies of those who consumed enzyme-less food – “void nutrition” – diminished. By contrast, the electromagnetic energy of those who consumed raw vegetarian food increased dramatically.

The ONLY known and proven way to consistently consume a diet that is enzyme-rich is the one found in and prescribed by the Hippocrates health lifestyle.

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