What You Need to Know About Diamond Engagement Ring Settings

An engagement ring is simply a ring symbolizing that the guy wearing it is already married, especially in Western societies. Sometimes a ring is given as an engagement present by a partner to their future partner if they propose marriage in front of witnesses. In some cultures, these rings are exchanged between the man and woman before the wedding while others exchange rings after the wedding.

Some even exchange them on the day of the wedding itself. The main difference is that the ring has to be a diamond stone of at least two carats in traditional cultures. The other kind, a two-carat diamond ring, is rarer than the normal one, people buying 2 carat diamond engagement rings and presenting them as a pre-engagement ring to the future husband or wife.

Straight Bands

Today, numerous kinds of engagement rings can be bought. Most of them come with a simple plain metal band, while others come with diamonds, gemstones, and other stones embedded in them. Straight bands are usually made from white or yellow gold. Those made of platinum are also available but are more expensive. Diamonds embedded in the ring are very much in vogue. They are found in various ring styles such as solitaire, three-stone, bezel, channel, prong, and bezel.


Gemstones are also a big hit in engagement rings. Rubies, emeralds, and sapphires have become trendy choices among women nowadays. They are said to be the stones of luck and good fortune. Most Hollywood celebrities also wear them to show their strong connection with the people.

Gemstones are also embedded in some wedding rings. Two of the most famous gems are the Hope Diamond and the Star diamond. Hope Diamond is one of the favorites of couples because of its everlasting beauty. It symbolizes everlasting love and friendship. At the same time, a Star diamond is said to stand for one’s eternal faithfulness and loyalty.

The diamond rings with gemstones embedded are always a hit. Several diamond ring brands are popular among women today. Some of these brands are flush fit, screw-fitted, channel, prong, and bezel. Each style has its unique features, but they are made of high-quality materials, including white gold, silver, platinum, and titanium. James Allen is an American jeweler who is considered one of the world’s best jewelers.

Many couples today are planning to get their engagement rings set during their wedding ceremony. However, this can be quite expensive. In this case, many couples prefer to go for the diamond-studded engagement rings. This is because they are cheaper than the other types of engagement rings. It is up to the bride to decide which style of engagement ring she likes the most. In most cases, it comes to the taste and preference of the bride.

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