What Are The Benefits of Dedicated Server For Gaming?

Tanya J. Montague
Why Are Dedicated Servers Better for Gaming? | Fasthosts

The pandemic was a real changing point for the gaming industry, as its overall growth increased by 20-25% than pre-covid 19 due to a lack of social interaction, which led to innumerable disposable time in the hands of people. 

People relied on single-player games, multiplayer games, and online games wherein the client-host both plays and hosts the game at the same time.

Though it sounds simple, the setup of such a kind of gaming can cause performance issues such as slow loading speed, automatic crashes, loss of saved files, etc. In such a scenario, a dedicated server hosting solution is a convenient option as it offers a stable and enjoyable gaming experience.

In this article, we shall see the benefits of having dedicated web hosting and domain for a customised and controlled gaming experience.

What do you mean by a dedicated server for gaming?

A dedicated server for gaming is an exclusive system that helps to host your favourite game, making sure you get a reliable and speedy connection when you play your game online. It’s like a powerhouse system that is meant for gaming.

Such servers are extremely powerful, with factors such as processing and storage that ensure that your games run smoothly no matter where you are. Whether it’s your all-time favourite Minecraft, Valheim or old-school counter strike with a dedicated server host, you always have adequate resources to make your game experience blast. 

Most companies make use of dedicated servers to provide a stable gaming experience for players. Still, even players can set their gaming server to improve their experience, like a private online playground.

What are the advantages of a dedicated gaming server

  1. Best experience without Lag issues

With a dedicated gaming server, you get the best hardware and internet connection that make sure you never lag and get a smooth gaming experience, which means no delay between the player’s actions and reactions in the game.

  1. Trustworthy Infrastructure

Dedicated server hosting comes with 24/7 monitoring of the server, which means your game is always available. 

Irrespective of whether your local grid goes down, the data centres are powerful enough that they have a backup generator to provide game availability.

You can be carefree with a dedicated server host, as there is no issue of overheating, so no matter how much action the game has, the data centre has constant cooling systems that guarantee that the infrastructure handles any level of workload.

  1. Control over customisation

Dedicated server hosting provides admins with a lot of power; they can pick their hardware, set up perfect bandwidth, and control game rules. 

Further, they also get editing features with regard to characters, who can join, etc. The best thing is that you can also make your server public or private and create a space for your gaming team. 

Also, you can kick any player or customised rule, as admins can create extensive authority and control over customisation.

  1. Power to Handle High Traffic Demand

With dedicated hosting, dozens of players can play together without any impact on performance. The admin can easily set a cap on the number of players to avoid overcrowding.

  1. High Levels of Security

Dedicated hosting is highly secure as the admin decides who can log in so no random intruder can gain access. 

Further, the attack surface is minimal as the gaming server only runs the video and does not have any medium, such as an application or email, in the background to carry out any cyber attack. Also, hosting providers invest heavily in cyber security.


Therefore, a dedicated server is the best option for gaming as it provides a lag-free experience, extensive customisation and admin control, which collectively contribute to an optimised and breathtaking gaming experience for real gaming players.

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