Internet MLM Marketing Sets New Network Marketing Paradigm in the Industry

Tanya J. Montague

When I first got into my first MLM business, I was fearful of having to call people on the phone. The thought of being hung up on and rejected just didn’t sit well with me. I knew my friends and family were not interested in my MLM du jour either. I wanted people to call me about my opportunity instead of chasing people down. I want the ability to pitch my opportunity 24/7 on autopilot whether I was on vacation or working my day business. I am happy to share that I have this type of reality in my internet MLM marketing opportunity.

Most people struggle in traditional MLM marketing strategies. Over 90% fail. Many have overlooked automated internet MLM marketing. It requires some work to get it set up. Two months if not working and about six months if you are working full-time. They involve six separate areas of internet MLM marketing. Some are free to set-up and others cost money.

The six areas are:

1. ezine article writing (free)
2. social media (free)
3. forum marketing (free/paid)
4. PPC marketing (paid)
5. co-registration (paid)
6. Affilite marketing (paid/free)

Essential tools of the trade:

1. Lead capture page with real domain name–captures email and name and/or phone number
2. Autoresponder (Getresponse or Aweber)–strategic placement of affiliate products
3. iflip video or camcorder–video communications devices

Once these areas are set up, you will be able to create an internet MLM marketing funnel that brings your leads on a daily basis on auto-pilot. People call you who are interested in joining. You no longer have to chase others down. You are never needy for business because you have a constant stream of leads coming to you that support you and create your downline.

Each of these areas requires time and effort, but once set-up can feed you for a long-time. Start doing the categories that you like best, then branch out from there especially after you have some early success (first initial sales). Those are great for your psyche. They keep you going during a dry-spell if it arises.

I use the methods described to sell my affiliate products as well as my opportunity. It has generated side money that helps me pay for my marketing and other fixed costs. There is a learning curve and it took me three months before I started to break even, but I stuck to it and followed my marketing plan. I made changes whenever performance started to drop-off and always kept trying to improve.

Communicate with your group or “tribe” at least once a week to up to twice per day. I found that twice a week works well for me although many top gurus say twice a day. Test different protocols and see what works for you. The bottom line: it builds credibility when you show leadership and stay in contact with your list. Never stop communicating with them. You may also market to them forever or until they opt-out.

Once you have leads coming your way regularly, your internet MLM marketing creates a paradigm shift. You are looked at as a leader. People come to you to join in your business with you as their upline sponsor. You teach others how to replicate it and create success for others. Your leads grow and grow and you are respected by your peers. No sales calls unless contacted first by a prospect.

Things can get downright viral if you market in co-registration programs that can generate thousands of leads quickly and for a flat price. Your internet MLM marketing can reach more people than you could ever get to and pitch it yourself. Your leverage has never been greater. It empowers you.

With an iflip camcorder your video can reach millions. The barriers to entry have never been lower. No more expensive paper, TV or radio to deal with. With costs gone to fractions, more can succeed and profit like never before.

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