How To Boost Your Book Sales On Amazon

You can sell common book formats like paperbacks, hardcover, or ebooks on Amazon. Whether you wish for listing and selling books from your brick-and-mortar store, part with favorite comic books, resell non-fiction books you have read already, list rare hardcover collectibles, get free from children’s books, there is no need to look further.

How much does it cost to sell books on Amazon?

Delivery charges, referral fees, overhead costs, royalties, etc are some important that need to be considered. A referral fee of 15 percent is included in Upfront costs that are to be paid to Amazon for each book sold along with a closing fee. Also, there are fees on your Individual or Professional seller account. FBA charges keep accumulating with time and they include the charges for penalties, shipping, storage, and disposal costs. If you are an author, selling books on Amazon’s Kindle gets you royalties for each sale made by your book. Simultaneously, some percentage of book price is charged by Amazon as a commission. All in all, for selling books on Amazon, a lot of money is not required even after considering all concerning charges into the account.

Boost Your BookSales 

About 85% of the Amazon sellers are profitable.What is it that they are doing correct? How can they sell successfully on Amazon?

The study, study, and study

On the niche, you’re planning selling the books, read up everything about it. Get started with Amazon’s Seller University and then move unto the Amazon Seller Central forums. A lot of people are very honest on forums, however, you can get significant practical information there.

Promote books

If your budget allows it, go with it. Try to learn the outs and insto strategically utilize the ads. 

Customer service

If you’re going with the FBM, customer service and fast shipping will be the bread and butter for you. You have to be able to pull off a fast turnaround. Otherwise, the review score will tank — and it’s difficult to get back from that. 

Work WithAn Amazon Selling Software

If you’re a beginner on Amazon who need guidance to get Amazon business above from the ground, it is recommended to register with a third-party service. Seller Labs assist you in getting a fair idea of the competitors, lower your advertising ACoS, improve buyer reviews with the automated emails, and track the entire performance.  

Download the Amazon’s mobile seller app

The app arrives with a scanner to help you know if the bargain is worth buying when you are in a thrift store. This app will provide you with the FBA fees, product price, BSR, and other complete info you want. 


Whether you are a newbie or an experienced internet entrepreneur, selling books on Amazon is an excellent choice. The upfront cost is comparatively low, depending on how many books you wish to begin with, and if done right you can surely make a lot of cash. However, before you jump into Amazon online bookselling, we recommend you to understand more about it from the Zonbase blog. Here, you will find guidance and almost everything needed to know regarding the Amazon business.

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