General Labor Jobs on Craigslist – How to Search Quickly and Effectively

Are you a job seeker who is looking for general labor jobs? If so, you can and should turn to This popular classified website and service is a great job search tool. However, with a recent spike in popularity, you may find hundreds of general labor jobs listed. How can you quickly and effectively search these jobs? Continue reading on for a few helpful tips.

Download a Craigslist Search Tool

Craigslist is a city based website. To perform a traditional search, you do so by selecting your state and city. This may be Texas and Dallas. Unfortunately, when you search general labor jobs, you are only searching jobs in the Dallas area. You may live in Dallas now, but what if you don’t mind traveling for a good job or relocating for the right pay? Normally, you would need to search other city pages individually. This could take you hours or even days! Luckily, there is a better alternative, which is a Craigslist search tool.

Craigslist search tools are desktop applications, which are often free to download. They can significantly cut down your job search time. Most allow you to search nationwide listings, statewide listings, or search multiple cities at once. Once again, if you live in between two cities listed, are willing to travel, or are interested in relocating, a search tool is a must-have software program.

Use Relevant Search Phrases

When most of us think of general labor, construction often comes to mind. However, general labor is a phrase that describes may different jobs positions and duties. On Craigslist, you can find job listings for housekeeping, carpenters, custodians, landscapers, babysitters, drivers, and more. Since you may get hundreds of open positions with a standard search, you want to perform a customized search. Search with the name of position you want or the type of duties you want to perform. For example, if you want general labor jobs that focus on construction, search with construction, carpenter, painter, landscaper, and so forth.

Read Headlines to Bypass Wrong Jobs

As previously stated, the phrase general labor includes a lot of different positions. Using relevant search phrases should automatically weed out jobs you aren’t interested in. Still, read all headlines carefully. They should describe the position or job duties. If you want to work in construction, avoid general labor job openings for farm workers, drivers, and home aides. On the other hand, if you find a job that sounds ideal, click on the headline for more information inside. Not only should you get a list of duties or job requirements, but a method of contact for application too.

As mentioned above, you can download a search tool to quickly search all of Craigslist, entire state listings, or multiple cities at once. Get started by visiting and download the free Craigslist Reader. You can also receive new job notifications by email.

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