General Knowledge Quizzes – Engaging the Audience With Extra Trivia

Every general knowledge quiz compiler knows that if they don’t get it right then they will not only turn off the audience but also that this means they are less likely return for the next quiz. Some general knowledge quizzes can come from books, off of the Internet or taken from other forms of publications. There is no problem with this and it will save a lot of time but you need to be sure that you are not breaking copyright laws. These questions can also be very bland and direct with little back ground information to them and that in itself can put people off. Nowadays more and more people want a little more information to the question and answers so at least they can go back and start using it.

To compile engaging general knowledge questions isn’t a difficult task and you just need to do that little extra to make them all the more interesting.

  1. Make sure you have some good interesting resources to get your general knowledge questions for you to compile to complete the quiz. Books such as encyclopedia’s are ideal but the Internet is also useful. Be careful when getting them off of websites such as Wiki’s as these are not always reliable and can actually have lots of false facts. Be careful with your resource.
  2. If you are picking some great questions then why not give a bit more. Write the question first and then put for example which two people had a famous duet in xxxx year whilst both being married to sisters, What other song have they both done as solo artist. Get that little fact at the beginning makes it all the more interesting instead of the usual “What year did blah win the world cup?”, a bit boring and also as it hasn’t got any other information with it non sporting fans will be bored.
  3. Build your own unique way of getting some extra facts into the general knowledge quiz. Could be in the pause whilst you give people the opportunity to answer or think of the answer of the question. Could be as discussed at the beginning, you could even try in the interval stages. Get some kind of trivia fact into some of the question but not all.
  4. Apply your skills and develop yourself. Get yourself known to be a great general knowledge quiz writer and become respected. This will mean you could even develop quizzes for websites that sell them. Getting paid for your work. If you are wanting to go down this road it’s good but remember you will be asked to prove it’s all your own work.
  5. Join quiz forums and other stuff. Go onto websites that specialize on other users developing questions and answers. Don’t be shy about putting your own material up there and see how many get it right. Have a go on others quiz questions. You’ll find these are great places for feedback and learning

Always try to improve. To be at the top of your game you need to increase your general knowledge quiz extra trivia. Keep looking at ways to get better and more slicker with the tip bits being part of your general knowledge quizzes.

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