Forex Trading Essentials – Follow These 8 Steps to Become a Successful Forex Trader

Almost everyone wished to be successful in forex trading, but has anyone planned on the path to be a successful currency trader? I believe not many. If you have not or not sure how to plan, below are the steps that can lead you to the path of success in forex trading:

Step 1: Get yourself a forex eBook or forex course to begin with, so that you can understand the basics of forex trading and how does it work. If you have gotten my free ‘Forex Trading To Riches’ ebook, you should be able to grab hold of what foreign exchange is about.

Step 2: Open a FREE forex DEMO (practice)account with online brokers.

Step 3: This is an important step. Make sure you read the psychology part and money management rules of forex trading before you start on demo trading. Take note, always start with good habits. Getting rid of bad habits is much harder than to build good habits.

Step 4: After you have gone through the whole eBook or forex trading course, you will probably know how a forex trading system works. Moreover, my PIPS MOVER(TM) trading system is easy to understand. So let’s get practical and practice it on the demo account. Practice makes perfect!

Step 5: Demo trade for about a few weeks until you get used to the forex trading system. If you have developed some bad habits along the way, carry on demo forex trading until you get rid of them, you do not want to make those mistakes when you go live trading! I would recommend students to go live trading only when they hit a success rate of 70% and above.

Step 6: You should be already quite consistent in your demo trading when you have come to this step. Open a LIVE forex trading account, either a mini account or a standard account. I understand that many traders start off with mini account first to build their confidence. That is absolutely alright, but do not get stuck in mini account for too long as you might have psychological barrier to go through. Move on to standard trading account when you feel confident, consistent and making profits in your currency trading.

Step 7: Increase your lot size slowly as your trading skills improve. You may want to increase it when you have 30% ROI(return on investment) in your forex trading account. Refer to the money management rules on how you can keep increasing your trading lot size.

Step 8: At this point of time, you are a successful forex trader if you have consistent profits every month. You don’t have to be a institutional trader to be successful! And you seriously should start planning and considering to be a full time forex trader from here onwards.

The above may sound easy, but trust me, it’s not easy at all, or else why 95% of the people failed in forex trading? So you really have to drill on the psychological, discipline and money management parts before you can go far in forex trading.

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