7 Best Reasons Why Solar Power For Your Home in Shreveport is a Wise Investment

Louisiana was designated by the United States Department of Energy as a Solar America City.  Shreveport, Louisiana is known for its music, award-winning cuisine, culture, and family values.  The generous amount of sunshine that this city receives has encouraged many homeowners to switch to solar to save on high energy bills.

So, if you are still undecided, we present the 7 best reasons why installing solar power for your home in Shreveport is a wise choice.

  1. Environment-Friendly

Solar energy is a clean, green source of energy.  It’s a great way to reduce your carbon footprint because there is nothing about it that pollutes mother nature.  When you use energy from a free source, you don’t release any greenhouse gasses. 

According to Energy Saver, each kilowatt-hour (kWh) of solar that is generated will substantially reduce greenhouse gas emissions like CO2, including other dangerous pollutants like sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides, and particulate matter.

When you use solar power for your home in Shreveport, you will have self-sufficient electricity.  You will be energy-independent while contributing to a sustainable future.

  1.  Not Dependent on Energy From the Grid

When you invest in a solar energy system, you can easily protect yourself against unpredictable increases in utility prices.  Because you are energy-independent, you don’t have to worry when electrical prices go up or when there are power outages.

You will enjoy cheap, if not free electricity every single day so long as your solar energy system remains functional and efficient.  You can even store generated power from solar energy in solar battery systems so that you will have a source of electricity during the night and when the weather is less ideal for solar, like on rainy days and wintertime.

  1.  Generate Great Value by Using Underutilized Land

Solar energy is becoming more and more accessible to most homeowners globally.  Across countries, there are vast underutilized lands that can be used for solar panel installation to provide a source of power for homes.

Solar farms can be built on even low-priced land to install solar panels used to harvest solar energy in large numbers.  A 45-acre solar farm can power 2,500 homes, making solar energy more accessible to most households.

  1.  Less Electricity Loss

In traditional sources of electricity like power plants, there is more probability for power losses because of the long-distance transmissions from source to end-consumers.  Rooftop solar power for your home in Shreveport eliminates these possible losses.

You will have solar energy that becomes domestic and as a result, you are in control of your own bills and energy usage.  The service interruption is also reduced with solar energy because solar power systems are durable. If you prefer to still be connected to a provider then find the cheapest electric company that offers solar renewable energy plans that will fit your needs.

  1.  Improves Grid Security

When there are more households in a certain place that use solar energy, blackouts and brownouts are less likely to happen.  With solar cells that act as small power plants, the electricity grid will be more secure, especially in terms of natural or human-caused disasters.

Another way going solar in Shreveport improves grid security is when households with a solar energy system will export back to the grid the excess electricity that they generate from their system.

  1.  Create Jobs and Economic Growth

Installing solar power for your home in Shreveport will contribute to the creation of jobs.  The more that people choose to switch to solar power for homes, the more people will be needed as additional skilled workers.  This will help keep the economy growing.

  1.  Free Source of Energy

No one owns the sunlight nor will it ever be monopolized.  With a free source of energy, the longer you will use solar for your home in Shreveport, the more you will enjoy its benefits, and the more that you will be able to support the environment.

Going solar is a long-term, low-risk investment that will significantly reduce your monthly utility bills.  Shreveport has an excellent solar resource with 210 days of the sun making it easy and affordable to make the switch to solar.  From day one that you install solar panels for your home in Shreveport, you generate savings immediately.

Increasing Your Savings With Great Solar Incentives in Shreveport

Installing solar power for your home in Shreveport will give you big savings.  You get a 26% Federal Tax Credit along with a property tax exemption that will significantly reduce the cost of a solar energy system.  Go green and increase your savings with solar energy today!

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