More Competitive In Price And Spreads, RoboForex Malaysia Target Young Traders

The financial market with its ranges of forex brokers tends to make newcomers have no idea to pick the best one. At some point, popularity and word of mouths are not enough to prove the company and brokers’ quality. But good news appears as RoboForex Malaysia came out with good offers with international brokers’ functions and finances.

About the Brokers 

One of the ways to see whether the broker is safe or regulated is from its experience and credentials. RoboForex is a broker company that bases in Malaysia and was established in 2009. That long experience brought ranges of innovative technology and solution for trading. That is why it can give the best beginner-friendly trading option with no risk. 

New traders can start with 10$ starting point. After that, Roboforex can give about 1:2000 leverages with 0 pips floats spread. What is it mean? The low spread and low price is the perfect representation of low-risk trading. Moreover, it was made in Malaysia one of the biggest Islam countries. So, Malaysians can access Islamic accounts for halal transactions.   

RoboForex has a competitive spread 

RoboForex Malaysia boasts its ability to provide a lower spread that reaches up to 0 floats. This tight floating spread is based and available for the Prime and ECN accounts. While it is limited, it does not explain the fact that every member has the same chance to access the good spread. But again for Pro-cent, pro-standard, and R trader account users need to pay for the spread.

Lower price for fees and commission 

When the tight and competitive spread is paired with low fees and pricing, users can get more profit. One thing that newcomers will love is the low deposit and withdrawal fees. Newbies can start with low risk by investing around 10USD. Moreover, there are no fees for both commission and deposit fees. To balance the activities, RoboForex Malaysia does limit only two withdrawals. 

Not only for fees, but the broker also highlights low commission for each spread. It explains that users won’t have to worry about losing money from the trading and spread they have. It means the higher the commission, tend to come with better minimum spreads. Meanwhile, the less expensive one still offers a good spread despite not being as good as the premium one.  

Best for beginners 

Beginners that want to explore and learn more about the financial world, can play around with this platform. There are at least 34 instruments that include currency pairs, 8 asset classes, and many lucrative bonuses as well as affiliate programs. It also uses CFD, stocks with max 1:20 leverages, and eight asset classes. RoboForex Malaysia has an Islamic account and offers a range of actions, which is perfect for the learner. 

It is safe to say that Malaysian Broker has steps on its competition in the financial market. RoboForex has been one of the best-regulated brokers that come out with beginner-friendly features and functions. Newcomers and young traders can enjoy the benefits of its competitive spread and low price. In general, it is a good platform for people who want to try and learn without risking money.   

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