How massive was San Francisco’s pandemic exodus? Glance at U-Haul site visitors

California endured the steepest outflow of inhabitants by using rental truck among the all 50 states in 2020, with San Francisco the epicenter of the Bay Area’s pandemic exodus for Do-it-yourself movers, new knowledge exhibits.

California rated very last in the nation for migration development past calendar year, with the major net reduction of a single-way U-Haul trucks crossing

San Antonio banks weather the coronavirus pandemic

By the start of the second quarter of 2020, with the pandemic tightening its deadly grip, San Antonio bankers anticipated a grim year ahead.

A mayoral order closed nonessential businesses, the hospitality industry ground to a halt, and the area’s unemployment rate shot up to a never-before-seen 13.2 percent in April. Many banks closed branches for a spell.

Expecting borrowers to default on business and home loans in droves, San Antonio banks quickly set aside millions for potential loan losses.

Yet with 2020 now in the history books, bankers say the situation isn’t nearly as bleak as they had been bracing for at the start of the pandemic.

“Like most banks, (we) really geared up for that shoe to drop, and it hasn’t,” said Jeff Sinnott, Vantage Bank Texas’ CEO and president. “There will be headwinds, and there will definitely be customers who are facing challenges. But we don’t see,